Instagram and Art

The great thing about Instagram is that on it, anyone can be an artist. Instagram offers a wide variety of brightness and contrast settings, cropping options, blurring details, and filters that allow even the most mundane of photographs to become album-worthy. With the right filter, even a picture of a rock on the ground can become a work of art! This is great for the everyday user, but sadly cheapens the experience for talented artists.
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Many artists enjoy posting their work on Instagram for their followers to enjoy Some buy instagram followers too. But when everyone else on Instagram is turning simple photographs into artistic wonders, it can be hard for the real artists to keep up! So when you’re browsing Instagram, try to keep an eye out for the struggling artists who are trying to make their work seen amongst the sea of Walden, Low-Fi, and X-Pro filtered photographs. You might be surprised at the gems you can uncover when you just take a few minutes to look for them! Instagram can be a great source for discovering new artists you never knew existed. From sketches, to paintings, to photographs, you can find it all on Instagram!

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